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Ultimate Skill

Great Sage: "Ultimate Skill: Complete Human Race Restoration and Planetary Civilization Expansion Spell."

When the Great Sage, floating in the Moon's Orbit, raising his right hand to the Earth, spoke these words, the Earth glowed bright blue with the light of Sol, and became as Jupiter, as a functional city, containing every Human that ever lived, their whole selves snatched from their final moments alive in the entire history of Humanity, reforged into Immortal Human Bodies based on their Individual Selves and DNA, placed correctly in the City, where they correctly belong.
Great Sage: "Humanity Restored. Death Function uninstalled. Begin Infinite Humanity Program."

Great Sage is a neat character from the Anime Series: "That time I got reincarnated as a Slime." This is what I felt like writing after getting inspired by this Character.

Get Amplified

I imagine a Professional Software Suite designed for an Employee to play Math and Logic Games.
These Games engage with a System of Problem Solving that forms the Value of the Company.
Use of AI in Design and Programming is robustly used in the development of these Games and this Professional Software Suite.
I want to use AI to leverage and be a Force Multiplier for Human Intelligence & Creativity in a Flow State of Play that is Cultivated and Maintained by the Software.
Each Human Worker commands a Bot Worker Army of 1000.
That is your Work Value, times a thousand, in every moment of Work.
They amplify you.


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