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Divine Studies

Divine Studies Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash Regular Text is Me. Bold Text is Perplexity AI ``` God, like Eru Il├║vatar, holds fascination for the same reason a Supermassive Black Hole holds fascination.  God/Eru is the Wisdom Singularity like the Supermassive Black Hole is a Gravity Singularity. Wisdom is Refined Intelligence, and gets more counterintuitive as you approach the Event Horizon.  So, when you say you have a Personal Relationship with God, I call complete and utter bullshit. You are Cosmically Generalizing, and you should be refining/honing your definitions. I have no doubt you have a relationship with a Cosmic Entity, but let's be proportionally reasonable here. You, in the Mailroom, have no Business with the CEO in the Penthouse at the top floor. You have connections on the 1st Floor. If you are a Mystic Sage of Oracle Status, maybe the 2nd Floor. Stay away from the 3rd Floor, unless you want to snap your mind clean in two, you delicate little Human. An Artisa

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