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The Endless Library

 The Endless Library Photo by Gabriel Kraus on Unsplash This is a Library Design. Books are Handwritten and Bound by Hand and with Craft Tools. No Industrialization. No Computers. No Printers. The Library carries a Basic Set of Iron-Bound Wood-back Tomes on the Compendium of Human Knowledge. The first floor is based on these Book Types. The second floor takes these subjects to an Intermediate Level. The third floor takes these subjects to an Advanced Level. A hidden basement floor is made available to worthy 3rd Floor Patrons for Genius Level. There is a Skeleton Key with a Red Ruby on it. There are no Authors. All the Authors are Ghost-writers. So, reputation of the Author is not tied into the Subject of Study. It is simply that Afficionados of the Subject just want to compile the very best Knowledge Base they possibly can. The Spirit of Open Source and the Public Wiki are alive within this Library Design. The Librarians are also playing a Game of Highly Enriched Human Engagement. Hu

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