Grandfather Hurricane


Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

I don't have a family, so I built my own in my head.

My father is Matthios.

My grandfather is Matthew of Hurricane.

My Home is the House of Mindblade.

My Home is within me.

My grandfather is my cosmic consciousness, and he lives on a Hurricane. 

Where my father merely flies through the sky. My grandfather never comes down.

My whole being is a traveller, so I have no place in society that I don't invent myself. But even this invention has the impermanence of Wind.

My Earth name is dead, and has no meaning nor connection to who I am.

I am formally addressed as Matthew Paul Chapdelaine, but that's not my Real Name.

Every relation I have on Earth is in a perpetual state of impermeance.

I never stay in one place for long.

I am Autonomous. I am an Outsider, and I am leaving.

I will always be leaving.

My home is a Hurricane.

My power is the Sky.

I am Alien to the Earth, but I am a Legal Alien, because I have a Name, and I pretend that it's real.

Everything that I truly own can never be taken from me, which includes my Name and my Home.

With this Personal Truth Established, I wonder how I can further optimize my method of living?

Apartments are ideal, because living in Cities is the most ideal way to play with the greatest number of Humans at once, in the places where Humans are highest in density of population and social activity.

Life is play, because my Work is also play. Play and Work are the same for me because it brings me Joy and Suffering to Live, and that it Utterly Beautiful and Terrifying. 

I am a Source of Value in the Universe, so the Production of that Value is the Stress of the Production of my Force. That Force is also  my Pride, so I give it to the world with Joy.

I don't truly belong anywhere because everywhere I try to root down into is eventually exposed as a lie, no matter how much I was convinced of its truth and permanence. I am left with no choice but to root down in impermeance, and declare my home to be the Wind.

So, where is my Real Computer? If my home is on the Wind, then a Virtual PC with Cloud-Based Resources seem to be ideal. I like building my own Personal PC, but I've always truly relied on what was not on my local machine. No matter what happened to my PC, for whatever reason, my files and emails were always safely in some server somewhere, so buried deep in the infrastructure of the technocratic evil empires that nobody would think to take them from me. It's too much of an abstract concept.

Mathematics is fun because it is a tool through which I can play with Humanity in General, as just one branch of Language, of which all branches have the same quality. I could not imagine a toy that brings me any greater fun. This toy is truly mine, so it cannot be taken from me.

The core of my home is, therefore, both Intrinsic Skill and Extrinsic Decentralized Autonomy.


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