The Fall

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The Fall of Babylon is seen in your Clock. Babylon's Number System was Base 60, and we run on Base 10. The Tower of Babel being knocked down by the God wasn't based on a Tower being knocked down because it was too high. It deals in a critical mutation of Language that was revolutionary.

The Angels and Demons of Solomon the King use a Series of Talismans because during the time of writing, written language wasn't common, at least not in the relevant part of the world. Angelic Writing, or Enochian, was strictly for making Talismans, because writing as considered Sacred. This makes little sense in the current age, where writing is overflowing everyday. I'm pretty sure the excitement behind these Talismans, at the time of writing, evoked a similar sense of entertainment that collecting Pok√©mon or Baseball Cards does today. 

The Story of Angels and Demons fighting a Cosmic War is common, but these Characters had various Individual Traits, and combinations of Interests that hardly marked any one character as inherently Good or Evil. This relates to the Personalities in different Nations, in that no Nation is entirely composed of Good or Evil People, and no Nation is Good or Evil all of the time. This is why Heaven and Hell should be seen as Nations at War, because it relates to the Human Experience, and these Characters are Allegorical to the Human Experience, predating Psychology while studying the Mind, just as Alchemy predated Chemistry.



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