Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

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The Story of Lady Death is interesting.

She was a good and pure girl, burned at the stake for witchcraft in a barbaric society with an awful family.

She ended up in Hell, with her awful family, where she continued to be abused.

She was pushed so far, she ended up pulling a full 180, defeated the Devil in Combat, and took over Hell as it's new Ruler.

That wasn't the end of the story, though. She still had a lot of issues to work out, but now her socialization was on the Celestial Level, and the Multiverse became her Sandbox, with people on her level offering her challenges that offered Character Growth.

In a certain way, she became as awful as her Father, as people do tend to become their Parents.

This is a story of Cosmic Horror, with a female protagonist that becomes a Villain by being put through the Meat Grinder. 

She had a Good Mother and and Evil Father, and her name was Hope.

Damnation is not the end of the story. It's the beginning.

I was 13 when I first started reading this Comic Book.

It started to break me out of the overstructured and sheltered box I been raised in.

Dv8 was another Comic Book that showed the Ugly Side of Life, without apology. It came out in my late teens.

Lady Death was a Spinoff Comic from Evil Ernie, and the Theme was  Religion. Dv8 was a Spinoff Comic from Gen13, and the Theme was Military.

Another Theme deals with my Personal Issues regarding Media and Time.

I have an Ascended Side, which has a different relationship with Time than my Physical Side. I could have sworn, up and down, that I came up with "16 Stones" on my own, but then I saw the Bush Album "16 Stones" and I was thrown for a loop. Which came first? This "Which came first" dynamic would continue throughout my Life.

Metaverse, 16 Stones, Mathias, Marion, Loporia!

The frick!

My Ascended Side is making my Physical Side paranoid. My Physical Side needs everything to be in order, in a Linear Order.

From a Non-Linear Perspective, Time looks foolish, and Humans look silly.

It helps to have some wiggle room to not take things so seriously.

Again, from a Non-Linear Perspective, I'm already in Heaven, and Hell, and Everywhere else simultaneously. It's not a Reward, or a Punishment. It's just Awareness.

My Personal Issues are unravelling. Mathematics is coming back at me, even though I tried to reject it. I was told that I had a Natural Talent for it in High School, but I got it tangled up with my issue with Authority, which corrupted my Vocational Training.

My Authority Issues stemmed from contradictory and abusive behaviour from my Mother, who projected her own childhood abuses on Me. That happened because she neglected her Mental Health, foolishly, and I was hurt by that neglect.

In a Non-Linear fashion, that hurt became part of every aspect of my life. Every aspect is part of every other aspect. I can't cut anything off. Every moment is permanently a part of every other moment. I need to live with that, and learn to live with that painful dynamic. It hurts, but it helps to vent on the matter.

I became my Mother like Hope became her Father. My Mother projected her issues onto me, and then I do the same to my Close Friends. I'm sorry! ☯

I'm not Anti-Christian. I became Wiccan as a way of rebelling against my Mother, but also because I felt a genuine connection with the Divine that was separate from the fakery of the religious culture surrounding me. It was a misunderstanding. I can't run away. I need to face my fears. Wicca is connected to my Irish Heritage, which itself has a confusing relationship with Catholicism, which is an abusive relationship.

Christianity, Wicca, and Atheism have a Unified Dynamic of Abrasive Hostility. Upon further examination, the conflict with my Mother was Small Potatoes compared with this Larger Social Dynamic that deals with a Huge Number of People over a Long Period of History.

When I started to learn a Real Sense of Responsibility in the Military, it changed me in a beneficial way. I see the cracks in the wall. I just want to heal them. They are many, and far reaching, and expand out to the whole species. My Patriarchal Self is a Doctor, and needs to heal Humanity on that level. It's not about Me!

What I saw in my youth was a Holographic Flaw. Holographic means that every smallest bit reflects the whole. That feeling is Mathematics coming back at me.

The Doctor of Law is one of my Archetypes. Another Personal Archetype is The Doctor of Medicine. Both of these Doctors are subordinate to The Doctor of Mathematics, because both Law and Medicine are based on Mathematics, foundationally. The Doctor of Computer Science is also subservient to The Doctor of Mathematics.

The Doctor of Mathematics himself in subservient to The Doctor of Logic. Logic is the Foundational Layer relative to Mathematics.  Mathematics grew out of Logic. "1 + 1 = 2" can be decompressed into an extensive History of Logic Research. It was really hard to prove.

Law resembles a Programming Language, which is based on Mathematics, which is based on Logic.


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