Grab my Hand

Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash

 Class Warfare has two sides to it

There are people that want to live simply.

There are people that want an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

There are also people that feel trapped by a life that is lacking.

They feel restricted by a system that forbids them to win.

These people are mixed together in the same economic class.

There are people who use money as a game.

There are people that don’t want to live simply, and leverage applied knowledge for maximum gains, in a complete flip of an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

There are people who are used to winning, and they do it continuously. 

The people who are hungry, and aching for escape, are sometimes poached in this war of classes from one side to the other.

Not everyone on either side of this war is the same.

It is a mix of many different kinds of people with different reasons for what they do and how they live.

Opportunities are not unilaterally, nor evenly distributed among the Population.

Sometimes nothing will work for you no matter what you do.

Sometimes that barrier is entirely in your head, and you can rise above it.

Sometimes everything works for you, and you always win without trying.

There is a rhyme and reason to this, and it dances to a musical mathematics within the Human Species.

If you can find the melody, you may find a sweet spot, and ride it all the way out of the deepest circles of Hell, all the way up into the highest circles of Heaven.

Many times, that’s a hit or miss.

Many times, you spin your wheels and come up empty, waiting for that once in a decade spark that will ignite your furnace in the cold dark night.

Many of us were born into a life surrounded by castles made of ceaselessly burning furnaces.

We live the good life, with every breath, until the day we die.

Many are born into the dirt, and crawl through the mud just to get a chance of a gleam of sunlight for once.

We are not the same. We are not equal.

Its a huge and complex world.

There are people who see you crawling through the mud, and know enough to lift you up.

The fire is warm. Come sit with me.

Have some of my chicken.

I am not required to give Charity, but I know it is right.

If you can’t lift yourself out of Poverty, someone else must lift you.

Maybe you want to be left alone.

Maybe you like the mud, and that’s fine.

Deciding that everyone should be lifted up denies the autonomy of the individual.

But, for those that are hungry, and desperate for a better life, in a system that won’t let them win, a kind hand is required.

Grab my hand. I’m strong. I can pull you up.

I can’t help Society, but I can help you.


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