The Flow of Mastery

The Flow of Mastery

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash 

Quick and Sloppy.

That's how you start, and progress in your subject of study.

Instead of doing nothing, and getting 0% Effectiveness, you do very poorly, and get 5% Effectiveness.

This creates a Field of Range that can be honed down.

Do it again.

Did you increase to 6%?


That's all you need today.

Go play.

No stress, just have fun with it.

90 days later, where are you?



Have some Cake to celebrate.

Slow down, and don't put so much pressure on yourself.

Just iterate.

Did you get a perfect score?

Oh, that's not good.

That means I didn't set the bar high enough.

Try this.

Are you down to 5%?

Good, now Iterate.

Do you want to be a Master?

A Master does this to themselves, with the SuperEgo in charge.

Do you want a finite test with a certificate and tenure?

That's not Mastery. That's Comfort.

A Teacher drives the Student until the Student can drive themselves.

The Master is always iterating.


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