Always break the Chain

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You should probably acquire more assets over time that pay for more expensive nursing care as you get older.

Hard Work is a Zero-Sum Game that treats you like a mechanical component in someone's machine, and that someone is growing richer from the energy you put in. Humans that are emulating mechanical components can be replaced by mechanical components, so Hard Work is illogical. 

The reason Work is Hard is because the Hard Worker is being treated like a Mechanical Component, when they are not.

If a Human is doing Human work, then work isn't hard. Human Work is Flow, and the Flow carries the Worker. The work is easier, faster, and more productive when it feels like play, and enraptures the worker into a trance.

This is why I need to pursue Industry 5.0. 

Break the chains.

Humanize the work.

The nobles never stopped controlling the commoners, and slavery never stopped.

Why do you think so much money is being pumped into AGI and Human-Shaped Worker Drones? Civilization was built by, and is still maintained by Slaves. Wage Slavery is Slavery. Public School is for training the Lower Classes to be Wage Slaves commanded by the Nobles. With Worker Drones, the Nobles never even have to look at or interact with the Lower Classes, and can phase them out entirely, replacing everyone.

Nobody will be hired. All the jobs will be gone.

That's the endgame of Capitalism, to advance in industry to the point of completely getting away with Slavery by inventing Mechanical Workers.

To those born into privilege, private schools follow with university as a way of training the next generation of nobles.

The lower classes were never meant to enter University, but when the GI Bill was introduced, things changed.

The Middle Class resulted from the lower class children mingling with the higher class children, and the result was either being adopted into those higher classes, or achieving a place somewhere in the Middle. That's a strange title considering Middle Class initially meant the owner of a Means of Production, not simply a highly paid wage slave paying off Indentured Servitude.

I don't think this dynamic was on purpose, or maybe it was largely not on purpose. There are lots of good people that simply wandered into this dynamic trusting their forefathers and foremothers so blindly that they never thought to question it.

Some nobles, and whole noble families, are deeply and lucidly Aristocratic, and have a deep narcissism which suggests Crowns and Castles supported by Penal Colonies.

The Internet quickened the pace of global self-awareness to this dynamic, which is why so many people do not want to re-enter the workforce.

Programmers are forced to write the code that will replace them, which is as horrifying as seeing someone dig their own grave, before being forced to bury themselves, right before thanking their masters.

Industry 5.0 grabs this dynamic, crushes it with one hand, and throws it into the Sun.

Humans are Humans. 

No more Class Systems.

We see you. It's over.

So, what ideas follow this?

I'm reminded of a Software Company with a Revolutionary Management System, where the Employees were not micromanaged, and work was done out of Autonomous Collaborative Joy. This method is attached to Open Source Software development, and has been shown to be counterintuitively superior to Traditional Leadership.

My Company should have an Environment of Autonomously Operating Workers inside a Giant Human Engine. They can't help but be Inspired by their own Muses while inside. Their Innate Mastery/Genius is honed here, and they are not Wage Slaves. This Company is Employee-Owned, and they all have Voting Rights at Business Meetings.

If you produce more, you will get greater rewards, but there is no threat of termination for minor infractions from a keeper breathing down your neck. There is a financial floor from which you can rise, but you would be hard-pressed to fall beneath that floor. You work for more because you admit to Greed, and that is OK. You can be Greedy. Just be honest about it. We love your Ambition. The Engine loves your Ambition. The Engine wants to help.


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