How can I quantify my Education?

Kindergarten to now, what did I learn, and how can that learning be charted?
I started my Education in 1985, with Mrs. Clark at Pascoag Grammar School.
It's not as if my Education stopped when I wasn't in school. Mark Twain would say that his schooling got in the way of his education, and he avoided that effect. It's definitely something to push against, and you need resistance for strength training.
K - 12 was 1985 - 1999, so 14 years of compulsory education in public school.
1 year at CCRI in Warwick, RI, evening out so far to 1985 - 2000, at 15 years.
4 years in the USMC. Definitely a learning experience, which brings me to 1985 - 2004, at 19 years.
1 year at University of Maine at Farmington, which evens things out to a cool 20 years, from 1985 - 2005.
2005 to now should be classified as Wandering Time. There were a lot of mixed events that can all melt into the same era. Wandering Time was 19 years.
I can break down this era further, but for now, let's complete the Timeline from 1985 - 2024, which is 39 years.
One point of note is that there are two distinct Eras of Education, which are each 19 years long.
So, this makes things easier. I have two Eras to analyse. What was good or bad? What could have been improved? Can those improvements be applied now? What should I pursue, and what should I chuck?


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