The Maid System


Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

The Maid System works as follows.

A Mill-Type Building is designed and constructed using 3D Printed Hemp Blocks in a such a way as to be quickly finished using an Array of Prefabricated Components that are also 3D Printed.

Everything about this Building is based on Modular Prefabricated Components that can be replaced easily by 3D Printing.

The Maids are trained in Nursing, and their job is to maintain the smooth living operations of a dense population of active Humans.

This Population is running on an Automated System of Labour, Education, and Recreation that leverages the daily data from each person and feeds back appropriate system changes accordingly. The Government is fast enough in adaptation to use applied knowledge for reconfiguration in real time. 

Journalists have nothing to do, because there is nothing to report that hasn't been solved moments after the problem started.

The Maids work with the Automated Governance System in a wholistic way that is Industry 5.0  in type. 

Automation will not take jobs away. Humans are vitally important.

Everyone works and plays in a custom way auto-designed for each day, based on the needs and wants of the Individual.

The Maids have a Prosthetic Government as an amputee would have an prosthetic hand. However, this is an Upgrade, not a Replacement.

The Maids are the feedback system for the Automated Government, and the Automated Government is the feedback system for The Maids. Humans and Machines are combined in a healthy and balanced way that is aesthetically pleasing in every way.

Beauty is based on Design, and Design can be Calculated. Computers are good at Calculation, and Humans are good at experiencing an Aesthetic. The Systems have Synthesis with each other, and mutually hone each other with Applied Data Analysis.

This is a Town-Sized Arcology. A Human-Hive. All your needs are taken care of. No more worries, ok?


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